6 March 2023, Associação Concórdia

Newsletter - Maritime Arbitration - January-March 2023

HAAG shares the first edition of the "Maritime Arbitration Newsletter", a quarterly newsletter promoted by Associação Concórdia, which will deal with topics related to Maritime Law and the Law of the Sea, as well as Arbitration and other means of alternative resolution of disputes. This initiative is part of a series of initiatives promoted by Associação Concórdia towards the specialization of maritime arbitration, including the approval of a list of maritime arbitrators, where Henrique Abecasis and Alexandra Margarido, partners of HAAG, are included. In the Newsletter it is possible to find a presentation of the maritime arbitrators as well as texts by António Magalhães Cardoso, Manuel Januário da Costa Gomes, Assunção Cristas and Filipe Rocha Vieira.